Trade List — Rain Wants This

As I didn’t feel right going and begging to everyone I come across online, I’ve created this page for independently interested parties to look through. If you are one of these independently interested parties, I would love to pay materials and postage or work out a trade with you for the following things.

Videocassetttes and DVDs

Some Trading Guidelines

When inquiring about my Trade List Wants, please state what you can offer me in trade, which shows YOU are interested in from ME (see my Trade Has List), the country you live in, and what speed SP or EP/SLP you would want your copy. This will speed up any transactions between us. For the record, I prefer (taping for you and getting from you) SP speed and I live in the United States. In the case of digital copies like DVDrs and .AVI/.MP4/.MKV files, we can trade over cloud sharing sites, mIRC, or thru the snail mail. Thanks!

Peter Wingfield Work I am currently looking for

War of the Worlds: Goliath — 2012, Peter voices the animated character Capt. Eric Wells

The Shields Stories — 2004, Peter is in 1 of the 6 30 minute episodes of an anthology mini-series from Canada. I don’t know which of the 6 it is.

Cooking Lessons — 2004, an unsold pilot / TV movie

The Hunters — 2006, a pilot for a dark comedy Lifetime channel show / TV movie

The Chris Isaak Show, S1E4 “It’s The Music Stupid” — I totally had this on VHS, but then I moved in 2017 and I can’t find it ANYWHERE!

Highlander Reunion DVD — Featuring FIVE REVEALING VIGNETTES, touching PERSONAL INTERVIEWS with each cast member, and a MUSIC VIDEO for the ORIGINAL SONG “One Life” by Jim Byrnes! lets you watch the story, but not the extras.

Miss Texas — a hard to find 2004 or 2005 movie

Holby City — Peter Wingfield episodes from season 9 that I’m still missing in .XviD

Bliss — “Tying Up Gerald” episode, original uncensored broadcast from Canadian television (IF it’s different from later U.S. Oxygen Network broadcast)

Into the Fire — 1996, supposedly 3 episodes from BBC televison

Murder In Mind — 1994 a TV movie for BBC Screen One

Nice Day at the Office, Episode: “Acting Up” — 1994 a TV series

The Men’s Room — 1990-1991, a TV mini-series

Tessie Santiago work I am currently looking for

Good Morning Miami “Hi, My Name Is Jake” episode 11. I am missing this episode from Season One when it aired on NBC in January 2003. Series featured recurring character played by Tessie Santiago.

Oded Fehr work I am currently looking for

UC: Undercover & Presidio Med episodes. Shortlived network shows co-starring Oded. My VHS collections are incomplete as they got canceled and never repeated.