Peter Wingfield Photos

That Guy That Looks Just Like Methos

Peter Wingfield as Remy Farnwell in 10,000 Days cannot save this terrible frozen apocalypse of a tv pilot turned movie, borrowed from IMDb

These first photos are screen caps from more recent films I’ve caught from Amazon Prime in 2019: Hamlet (2011) and JumpRopeSprint (2016). Copyrights belong to their respective studios and distribution companies.

I found these images on the ’net pre-2001. I think most of them have come from the now defunct methosluvr’s Methos Page, but of course, she lifted them from someplace first.

Highlander Promo
Highlander Promo
Highlander Promo
bad hair day, Petey?
Peteys Feeteys
Cold Squad
hand cramp! hand cramp!
recording The Archers

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