Cast of Highlander characters - Joe, Methos, Amanda, Duncan

Highlander: The Series

“Highlander: The Series was a fantasy television series that ran from 1992 to 1998. An offshoot and alternate reality derived from the 1986 feature film Highlander. In the world of the television series, Connor MacLeod had not won the prize, and there were still many Immortals in existence post-1985.
  The series featured Duncan MacLeod (Adrian Paul), Connor’s clansman, as the main character. Christopher Lambert made only a guest appearance in the pilot episode. An international hit, the series was nominated three times for a Gemini Award, and once for a Saturn Award in 1998.”
— from Highlander Wiki

Methos the Immortal, portrayed by actor Peter Wingfield

Highlander’s Methos: the Oldest Living Immortal

“Methos (played by Peter Wingfield) is an Immortal and a friend of Duncan MacLeod. Reputed to be the oldest living immortal, he has met many historical figures over the years, and has been a few as well. In one of his early incarnations became a legend, known as Death of the Four Horsemen. He has assumed countless aliases over the centuries, one of his most recent known was that of Adam Pierson, a (former) Watcher researcher.”
— from Highlander Wiki

Autographed Photo free download from Peter Wingfield Fan Club

Peter Wingfield: the Man Behind the Methos

Methos is played by Peter Wingfield. What an amazingly perfect piece of casting! Find out all about that guy who looks just like Methos! Read the actor’s bio, explore his film and television filmography, and find communities of fans just like you and me!

Videocassetttes and DVDs

Trading and Collecting: How to Find and Watch Peter’s Performances on Screen

I personally own an extensive collection of Peter Wingfield’s work in VHS and digital formats. Remember in the late 90s when VHS trading was hot, hot, hot? I helped! I also converted several of his shows/tv-films to VCD and DVD. These days, much of the material is available for purchase on DVD/Blu-ray on eBay or Amazon, viewing clips on YouTube, or through a myriad of streaming services. But I keep my Trading List active in case it can help someone... AND I’m still looking for a few titles to complete or replenish my own collection!

Shakespeare and Company bookstore, Paris.

Fan Fiction: Starring Methos and original Immortal characters

Original stories by Rain based on Immortals and The Game including familiar copyrighted characters, especially Methos / Adam Pierson, and characters created by Rain: including a BRAND NEW STORY released in 2020! Plus links to more fan fiction by other authors.

“In portraying characters that other people already recognize, characters whose further adventures other people already want to read, nonprofessional creators can find a wholly voluntary, non-paying audience of people whom they will never meet. No clearer path from new writers to potentially interested readers has existed in the history of civilization...” — from “The Promise and Potential of Fan Fiction”, The New Yorker, 2017

Queen of Swords cast promo photo

Queen of Swords: the Swashbuckling with Peter Wingfield Continues

“...the Queen of Swords finds an unlikely comrade in Robert Helm (played by Peter Wingfield), an English Doctor who trades his musket for a scalpel, vowing to save lives, not take them. He has little patience for Tessa, believing her to be a spoiled member of the nobility, and less for the Queen of Swords, despising the blades with which she deals justice, yet Helm keeps finding himself strangely attracted to the beautiful avenger in black.” — from Queen of Swords Presskit

Latest Methos/HL:TS Site News

  • Another update of classic Peter Wingfield episodes collected through digital trades! Noah’s Ark S1 (1997) in 384p AVI video format, now available via cloud share. For an easy $5 PayPal or GooglePay contribution to help with my webhosting costs, I’ll send you the link! Take a look through my full “Rain Has This” trade list. Go ahead a make a request for other Peter Wingfield series (not clearly covered by retail DVD distribution protection) to be converted to MP4/MKV and cloud shared! January 2, 2024
  • Another update of classic Peter Wingfield episodes collected through digital trades! Medics S1 (1990) and Medics S2 (1992) in 480p AVI video format and Screen One S06E06 “Murder in Mind” (1994) in 458p MP4, now available via cloud share. For an easy $5 PayPal or GooglePay contribution to help with my webhosting costs, I’ll send you the link! August 2, 2023
  • More classic Peter Wingfield episodes (acquired either through VHS trade or my own SDTV digital capture) are now converted to 360p MP4/MKV video format, available via cloud share. Recent conversions include Alun Lewis: Death And Beauty (1994), Night Visions (2001), Cold Squad (1998-1999), Strange World (1999), Vicky Gabereau Live (Canadian Talk Show Appearance, Feb 4, 1999), Call My Bluff (Gameshow Panel, probably 1997). Also, I’ve converted some Adrian Paul and The Edge 2000 media appearances promoting Highlander: Endgame (Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher; Live with Regis; CBS The Early Show; The View; STARZ Hollywood One On One). For an easy $5 PayPal or GooglePay contribution to help with my webhosting costs, I’ll send you the link! March 31, 2023
  • I’ve completed converting my Queen Of Swords (full 22 episode season) DVD source files to 480p MP4/MKV video format, available via cloud share. For an easy $5 PayPal or GooglePay contribution to help with my webhosting costs, I’ll send you the link! I’m also offering my Young Blades (full 13 episode season) DVD source files (VCD MPG format) via cloud share; same deal. Take a look through my full “Rain Has This” trade list. Go ahead a make a request for other Peter Wingfield series (not clearly covered by retail DVD distribution protection) to be converted to MP4 and cloud shared! December 19, 2022
  • Take another look at my Strange Observations page. More screen caps added from additional shows/films and other screen caps upgraded from those previously contributed from other sources. July 21, 2022
  • Did you have any idea that LOTS more of Peter Wingfield’s early filmography has become available to stream at YouTube and I didn’t... until this week! Visit my Rain Has This list for all the links to episodes and television films like War of the Worlds: Goliath (2012), Over There (1996), Murder Most Horrid (1996), Crocodile Shoes (1994), and The Men’s Room (1990). The Chris Isaak Show (2000) is also streaming in two parts on YouTube. The reason I began searching the internet again? I currently have in my possession (on loan from a family member) a VHS to DVD dubbing machine. So I’ve been inventorying my old PW tapes to decide what desperately needs transferred. Some shows—like The Lifeboat (1994), Cold Feet (1999), and Screen Two: A Very Open Prison (1995)—are making the transfer cut. It’s actually quite easy and fun to dub! And it’s completely preferrable to keep digital discs and files of PW work rather than analog VHS. Now, if only my copies were masters, but alas, they were acquired in trade decades ago, several also further degraded in conversion from PAL to NTSC. July 2, 2022
  • Let’s take a look at how my fan-produced DVDr trading activity has picked up since the site redesign!

    3 television series sets sold in 2022 !
    5 television series sets sold in 2021 !

    Thank You for helping me share the Peter Wingfield fan love! You can find out which series are available on my Rain Has This Trading List and on my PW and other Swashbucklers Trading List. March 2022
  • MASSIVE re-design and development of Rain Pierson’s Methos Pages. A new, clean, reorganized website look, fully responsive on mobile devices, and the pages are easy to navigate using a wide range of web browsers and portable devices. I’ve re-instituted the Highlander 4: Endgame page(s) with Reviews, Interviews, Production Notes. I’ve released two new Methos Fan Fic stories (written in 2000 but in delayed re-write development and basically re-discovered and completed due to the redesign). I’ve upgraded most of my Screen Captures with higher quality digital sources. Legal Streaming and Retail Purchase options for much of Peter Wingfield’s work has been added to the Rain Has This Trading List. When you can, always support the distribution rights of series and films!

    Rain Pierson’s The Dr Is In: Queen of Swords Fan Page has also received a MASSIVE re-design and development! I’ve decided not to re-institute the Episode Sound Wavs Collection, but I’ve reorganized Ponderous Reviews (Mine & Others) and Press Interviews and archived the AtTheHelm Naughty Nurses’ Dr Helm Whack Tracker! August 2019—May 2020
  • While no longer actively upating this website (sorry about broken links, outdated fanpage URLs, and closed egroups/forums), I continue to follow Peter Wingfield’s acting career and collect his televised work as I can. The great man has actually gone back to medical school and is a practicing doctor! He still squeezes in an acting job once in a great while. Other projects finally get released from post-production as well. The IMDb does a great job keeping track of projects. You can set up TV Guide alerts for an actor, series, or movie in a Watchlist. Also keep an eye on the streaming services as they have Watchlists and searches for particular actors too. As always, find my collection of VHS/DVDr/AVI/MPG/MP4/MKV at my Rain Has Peter Trading List. 2011-2018
  • I’ve added some new information in the Strange Observations page. More details and screen captures about the cars Methos drives. Thank you to Ursula who emailed me a few weeks ago to help! January 3, 2011
  • I’ve been consistently updating my “Queen of Swords” fanpage while neglecting the news here. I’m sorry. Methos has probably been busy living forever. You can currently catch him in the United States at 1am EDT weeknights on Highlander on SyFy. Peter has been busy working for Hollywood, appearing on network shows and in SyFy productions. My Sound Waves pages were hosted at GeoCities which has ceased to exist. I probably won’t be putting them back up. June 13, 2010
  • Finally made the move with my Methos/Highlander fan pages to the same paid server for web hosting as the Queen Of Swords/Peter Wingfield fan pages. Whew. When rumors of Lycos closing fly around, that springs me into action. Help me find any stray bad links, okay? Thanks. AND UPDATE YOUR BOOKSMARKS! Also, I’ve been collecting more Tessie Santiago movies and television appearances. See my Rain Has This Trading lists for up to date Tessie and Peter materials for trade on DVDr. June 12, 2009
  • Price Reduction on the unofficial “Queen of Swords” DVDr collection, due to my new policy of less fancy packaging artwork. Same high quality dvdrs. Lower cost. You still win. If you’ve been holding out, now is the time to email me for details! October 2, 2006
  • Updated the Peter Wingfield Filmography and Schedule pages. The Wing Man is set to guest on Canadian TV series “The Collector” in Spring 2006! Also added links to purchase DVDs of PW’s work as so many tv series are being released to retail so there is less need for tape/dvdr trading. Kudos for quality preservation. Kinda sad for the sentimentality of fans sharing the love. Check out my Rain Has This Stuff Trading page for what is and what is not cool to trade and cool to buy. November 3, 2005
  • If you’ve not realized it, the entire series of Highlander is now available on official DVD. Therefore, I am no longer offering VHS trades on Highlander episodes. BUT if you need a hard-to-find VHS/VCD copy of a Peter Wingfield TV appearance, check out the Trading list and then drop me a line! Slowly, but surely, I’m working on re-locating the Methos Pages over to my webserver. August 11, 2005
  • Highlander Season 3 out on DVD since November 2003. New TV and film appearances for Peter. Check the Schedule and Filmography for details about a second ep of “Bliss”, “Andromeda”, “Kingdom Hospital”, “Touching Evil”, and more! Updated the Rain Has / Rain Wants Trading lists. I’m currently transferring my “Queen of Swords” episodes to DVDr format. Should be done by summer 2004. February 9, 2004
  • In March, Peter appeared in tv episodes for “John Doe” on FOX and “Dead Zone” on USA. Back in September 2002, he appeared in the PAX tv series, Just Cause. Aside from a few movies in production and some VERY limited cinematic movie releases, like festivals and the like, Peter isn’t up to much that we can observe. Highlander is airing on cable tv. Reruns all in order on US channel “SPIKE TV” (formerly TNN). They’re in season 5 right now. Season 1 and Season 2 of Highlander are out now on DVD. But of course, Methos doesn’t appear until season 3. So maybe next year we get lucky there. :) August 22, 2003
  • I’ve created a new Trading page/section from my Rain Has This Stuff to include Tessie Santiago and Valentine Pelka TV/movie appearances!! August 30, 2001
  • Methos Highlander fan page moved back to Angelfire/Lycos (from Geocities). July 27, 2001
  • I’ve added a page at the Evening at Joe’s Book page: archived a review by someone at Updates at my Queen of Swords website: Promo Photos, Episode Guide, QoS Font. December 19, 2000
  • Uploaded the first 4 “Landon’s Diary” installments to the Fan Fiction page!!!! Updated the Strange Observations section: Don’t Point That Thing, Behead, Don’t Lose Your Head, Paging Dr Wingfield, and I’ve created a Delicious Duncan page. See, Strange! December 14, 2000
  • Uploaded my first suggested Strange Observation! Thanks, Dea! November 2, 2000
  • The has changed ownership and therefore format/look. There are some new pics up in their gallery which are spectacular for drooling over. Go check them out! And I am an Official Keeper of [Queen of Swords] Dr. Helm’s Scruffy Hat he wore when he arrived in town!! Added the Ponderings Page to the Queen of Swords site. October 26, 2000
  • Updated the Rain Has/Rain Wants Trading Lists. I’ve been getting so much in the mail lately, I have time for little else but to watch HIM! Added to the Just 4 Fun, Evening @ Joe’s; added Peter Wingfield Screentimes for Archangel and Forgive episodes on the Highlander Episodes page. October 18, 2000
  • Check out my new HL:TS Tie-In Books Page. Uploaded pages for The Captive Soul and An Evening at Joe’s. October 5, 2000
  • Uploaded “A Vengeful Affair” to my Fan Fiction page!!! GO READ IT!! Working feverishly on Fan Fiction story, “Lights Out” (working title, I’m not sure what the actual title will be. Alexa hasn’t told me yet.). Uploaded a new Strange Observation: the Beheadings. Linked up the newly designed Rain’s Queen of Swords fan site, subtitled “The Doctor Is In”! September 28, 2000
  • I love you guys emailing me for copies of my Highlander, etc, tapes! I’m enjoying this trading immensely and look forward to spreading the Methos far into the future! Hmmmm, what else? Oh yes. Lest I forget to mention here, the Official Queen of Swords website is up. Go see two color promo pics with the cast and Peter’s very own BIO page and 1 pic from the show, kinda fuzzy. I will have my QoS up in its new format in new home on the web soon. I need time to think and write out my Highlander Fan Fic before I can spend quality time with the good Doctor Helm. September 22, 2000
  • Methos Highlander fanpage moved from Angelfire to Geocities. August 2, 2000

Do the Words Compulsive Obsessive Mean Anything To You?

Watching Methos in Highlander: The Series, one begins to obsess. Next, the obsession expands to more Peter Wingfield characters. I’ve explored recurring circumstances, wardrobe, tropes, and even the meaning of Methos itself. Now I need your help! Send me your compulsion/obsession/instance you’d like to see given attention on my Strange Observations Page.