Highlander: The Series, Methos Episode Guide

The first rule of The Game is “There can be only one.” May it be Methos!

Richie, Duncan, Joe, and Methos are characters in Highlander: The Series

Opening Credits

All ten different versions of the opening credits to Highlander: The Series. In addition to the credits, find links to stream Bloopers, Behind The Scenes, and more at my Trading List page.

A Methos Episode Guide

While, in all my watching, re-watching, fan-fic writing, and VHS copying of the twenty-one (21) Highlander episodes which featured Methos, I never wrote detailed reviews, BUT what I do have is Peter Wingfield (“Methos”) screen time notes, a few episode production notes and dates, random comments, and GREAT links to GREAT reviews by others.
  Screen Time and Air Date refer to the American versions, not the Euros.

Season / Episode Title PW Screentime (American edit) Filmed Aired (in U.S.) Comments
3.16 Methos approx. 9 minutes 31 seconds (including when Joe and Mac are just talking about him) began Jan 13, 1995 week of Mar 6, 1995 No fight? His speech about requiring passion to fight is FULL of passion, though.
3.21 Finalé Part One approx. 7 minutes 12 seconds began Mar 10, 1995 week of May 22, 1995 Such a baby face with that longer hair. HL:TS has hit its stride by the end of season 3 with this 2-parter and all the important players are here to help.
3.22 Finalé Part Two approx. 6 minutes 3 seconds began Mar 22, 1995 week of May 29, 1995 I’ll never let him live down those red trousers. And how long can he hold onto that “idiodic grad student” secret identity?
4.10 Chivalry approx. 11 minutes 26 seconds began Sept 29, 1995 week of Nov 27, 1995 Sometimes you need an old fashioned Really Old Guy to put a nasty lady in her place. Love the short hair cut. Love the first appearance of “THE Sweater.”
4.11 Timeless approx. 13 minutes 42 seconds began Oct 11, 1995 week of Jan 29, 1996 Love at first sight. Because the alternative is unthinkable. If we can’t all be Alexa, let us all experience at some point the pure love she draws from our guy.
4.14 Deliverance approx. 10 minutes 37 seconds began Nov 28, 1995 week of Feb 19, 1996 It always smacks me right in the feels how brave Methos is to persistently attempt to save Duncan from the dark Quickening. The situation is bigger than Duncan, bigger than their circle of friends, and it absolutely needs to stay small. Duncan taunts Methos about the danger of taking on the dark Quickening himself but he doesn’t know, none of us know yet, that once Methos was Death on a pale horse: he tasted darkness, he rejected darkness. It scares him still and yet he MUST do anything to stop Duncan’s rampage.
4.16 Methuselah’s Gift approx. 16 minutes 54 seconds (including when Amanda and Mac are just talking about him) began Jan 4, 1996 week of Apr 22, 1996 Such an insane rollercoaster of emotions... of dangers. Plus, Methos: I’ll get the cat... Nice kitty nice kitty...
4.18 Through A Glass Darkly approx. 6 minutes 50 seconds began Jan 26, 1996 week of May 6, 1996 “Boyscout” as an insult. Luckily Methos’ 10-year Watcher cover isn’t blown as everyone who learned his secret a couple eps back is either dead or discredited. And of course Watchers don’t know everything. They build profiles and take snapshots, literally and in written memos. And paperwork is rare enough that it must be hung up to dry when dampened by snow.
4.20 Til Death approx. 10 minutes 52 seconds began Feb 19, 1996 week of May 20, 1996 Once perfectly cynical and cautious, now, thanks to his friendship with Duncan, he’s continuously breaking all his own rules about risk and meddling. At least he owned a cool river barge for a few hours... or minutes?
4.21 Judgement Day approx. 7 minutes 20 seconds began Feb 29, 1996 week of Jul 1, 1996  
5.01 One Minute To Midnight approx. 7 minutes 30 seconds began Mar 11, 1996 week of Jul 8, 1996  
5.10 The Messenger approx. 10 minutes 15 seconds began Sept 2, 1996 week of Nov 25, 1996 Hellboy is Imposter Methos? And Real Methos? He’s doubled down on one-liners. Also resists true introspection with bravado and more cynicism.
5.11 The Valkyrie approx. 7 minutes 57 seconds began Sept 20, 1996 week of Jan 27, 1997  
5.12 Comes A Horseman approx. 18 minutes 34 seconds began Oct 1, 1996 week of Feb 3, 1997 Everything has changed. From speechless with Kronos to one of Methos’ best speeches of all time to Duncan. Methos is the man with the plan. Fan girls are so conflicted about their Methos feelings...
5.13 Revelation 6:8 A WHOPPING approx. 31 minutes 17 seconds began Oct 28, 1996 week of Feb 10, 1997 Double the Quickening = double the pleasure, double the fun. Also Highlander’s 100th episode!!
5.17 Forgive Us Our Trespasses approx. 8 minutes began Dec 2, 1996 week of May 5, 1997 “Then we’d get our own show!” —Methos to Amanda (blooper reel)
5.18 The Modern Prometheus 24 minutes 15 seconds began Jan 13, 1997 week of May 12, 1997 Thank God for flashbacks! Yes! Byron as an immortal! Now if we can get a super crossover with Highlander AND Doctor Who, that would be bloody bonkers!
5.19 Archangel approx. 7 minutes (but I’m stretching to include Jim’s beautiful song at the end) began Jan 23, 1996 week of May 19, 1997  
6.11 Indiscretions approx. 27 minutes 25 seconds began Nov 20, 1997 week of Apr 27, 1998 See, this should have served as the backdoor pilot to the Methos Chronicles TV show! We don’t need no stinkin’ Duncan or Amanda.
6.12 To Be approx 6 minutes began Oct 16, 1997 week of May 4, 1998  
6.13 Not To Be approx. 20 minutes began Oct 28, 1997 week of May 11, 1998 It’s a wonderful immortal life. Are we also revisiting some sets/locations from Season 4?
Season / Episode Title PW Screentime (American edit) Filmed Aired (in U.S.) Comments

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