Highlander: The Series Tie-in Novels

There are 9 canon Highlander: The Series tie-in novels and 1 anthology of stories written by HL:TS actors and behind-the-scenes creators.

Joe's Bar exterior with neon sign in Highlander: The Series

Highlander: The Series Novels

The series of Warner Books tie-in novels were published between October 1995 and March 1999. These books really draw you in and make you feel as though you’re watching (or, perhaps, even in) an episode of Highlander. I own and have read 5 of the 9.

Highlander: An Evening at Joe’s features an unusual tie-in anthology of all-new adventures of Duncan MacLeod and the Immortals. It offers a once-in-a-lifetime look inside the minds of the people who know Highlander best — because they created Highlander. As Peter Wingfield’s story is included, I obviously ordered this book immediately and tore through it.

Reviews by Rain

Captive Soul novel cover art

  The Captive Soul by Josepha Sherman (September 1998) : This novel is all about Methos’ adventures in Ancient Egypt. Check out Rain’s Review of the Captive Soul. Plus don’t miss an interview with the author archived at Methos.org

An Evening At Joe's novel cover art

  An Evening at Joe’s an Anthology of Short Fiction edited by Gillian Horvath (September 2000) : I LOVE THIS BOOK!!! So many Methos stories, so little time. Seems like everyone who worked in front of and behind the cameras of Highlander appreciates the need for the ROG’s presence. Check out Rain’s Review of An Evening At Joe’s.

Micro Reviews by Rain

White Silence novel cover art

  White Silence by Ginjer Buchanan (February 1, 1999) : Methos does not make an appearance, but it’s a REALLY GOOD BOOK. Fitz is hilarious as usual and if you’ve ever wondered about the Alaskan Goldrush, tag along with three immortals trying their luck. Actually, in the afterword, the author DOES mention the Dr. Adams character.

Shadow of Obsession novel cover art

  Shadow of Obsession by Rebecca Neason (June 1998) : No Methos, but he is mentioned in passing. At the bottom of page 192: “It was true—Duncan MacLeod disliked fighting women. He knew that some of the Immortals he called friend thought this attitude a weakness—Methos certainly did. But MacLeod believed women were to be cherished.” Great book about Darius before the Light Quickening which turned him from a great barbarian general to an enlightened priest.

Zealot novel cover art

  Zealot by Donna Lettow (November 1997) : Methos has a few hilarious scenes in this one. I’d say it’s worth checking out in the store, if not buying. Methos.org has an excerpt.

Element of Fire novel cover art

  The Element of Fire by Jason Henderson (July 1997) : No Methos, but beautiful magical tale of a very strange, very old Immortal, who plays the role of a god more often than he plays The Game. Connor MacLeod is featured semi-prominantly, though of course the book focuses on Duncan. What is really peculiar, is something Connor says to Duncan on page 149. “I knew it was a mistake to stand there and watch you go into hiding for ten years the way you did. “Oh, I’m so depressed, because my mortal family has been killed; Oh, I’m so tired of fighting; Oh, I think I’ll retreat to holy ground and meditate.’ Meditate on this, Duncan. While you were under, lots of others were still playing.” Connor is referring to when Little Deer and her people had been slaughtered and Duncan built his cabin in the Northwest. But it also sounds ALOT like what Connor does in the movie, Endgame. Not so clever or original those writers, are they?

Scotland the Brave novel cover art

  Scotland The Brave by Jennifer Roberson (September 1996) : Only two phone conversations to Methos in this book. First Duncan calls his machine in Paris. Then Methos calls Richie to return the call. Methos.org has the excerpts. Methos is mentioned several other times too (concerning chivalry, or rather, his LACK OF chivalry).

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