Consult, Create, Develop, Manage... and new in 2023: VHS to Digital Conversion!

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What I Do

Because websites are one of the most powerful and frequently used marketing tools, you need the right design partner.

Consultation:   Assessing your existing content and design to identify areas for improvement. I can help in visualizing and formulating the best possible ways to help you, your services, and your brand shine. I aim to keep your website fresh, relevant, and steps ahead of your competition.

Creative:   Web design and redesign with a custom site layout. Basic image & graphics editing. Organizing and presenting content efficiently and intuitively. Proofing content, copy editing, substantive editing. Writing compelling yet informative new content.

Development:   I design and code in HTML5+CSS3, with jQuery Javascript library, on mobile-friendly, responsive frameworks for cross device compatibility and accessibility. Plus, I craft pages using clean code that search engines love.

Management:   Keeping content current with on-demand updates. Monitoring local news outlets to proactively update sites with relevent news items and upcoming event information. Maintaining site operation by replacing obsolete code, scripts, plugins, etc. Plus, with an optional CMS-lite, clients can edit their own text by WYSIWYG in select page areas.

VHS to Digital Conversion:   Let me help preserve your family memories! Your VHS tape(s) can be converted to a digital file(s), which can be stored on a flash drive, data DVD, cloud drive, or external hard drive. This format allows you to easily play videos on your TV, computer, or other smart devices.

Let’s Work Together!

Rainofhearts Web Design is now accepting awesome clients. Say Hello with a friendly email if you’d like to talk about your website. Quotes are free!