About Me & My Process

A personalized approach

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About Rainofhearts

I am both a Designer and Front-end Developer, creating visual designs for projects along with the front-end coding in HTML5+CSS3. I take a static mockup or ideas and translate it to a working interactive experience! Often the client just knows they “need a designer.” My web design service is based on your requirements and the best solutions to your needs.

With more than 18 years experience in the web design field, I know I can help you design the perfect website. I love design, typography and proofreading, and I hope it shows in my work. From new sites to refreshing existing ones, let me know how I can help you develop a website we’re both proud to promote.

When I’m not cajoling code, I enjoy bicycling, the St Louis Cardinals, The Avengers/MCU film franchise, historical tourism, genealogy research, thrift shopping, indie rock singer-songwriters, Cary Grant, Audrey Hepburn, and editing my manuscripts.

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My Process

I will exchange detailed emails with you (or even sit down with you in person where convenient and necessary) and determine what makes your company, group, or personal identity unique and develop your website from there. There are many variations on the website creation process. All the good ones include you, the customer, as a collaborator. In both a new site and a re-design, together we need to figure out your intention, your audience, and your message.

I am small and that’s a good thing. I work closely with my clients, so you’ll always get direct access to the people working on your projects.

I design based on your requirements and find the best solutions to your needs — from simple landing pages to complete multi-page websites. I design and code to the best practices and implement modern web standards and techniques.

I consult to help review and assess your existing content to identify areas for improvement. I can also write new content, artfully crafted to engage your readers.

You don’t have to hire me to do “the whole package.” Many of my clients engage Rainofhearts to re-build their current website, improving functionality and accuracy, incorporating additional features and information, mobile/tablet optimization and bringing the latest visual trends to their website.

I’ll only undertake a project if I am confident I can deliver. Your satisfaction means everything to me and I want you to end up on the Rainofhearts “happy client” list. If you’re not entirely happy with your experience, I’m not either. I deliver an exceptional level of service and aim to become long-term partners.