Archived Projects

Past work with audio and video, full season DVD sets, favorite Blogs I follow, even my dear Kitties have gone on to the Rainbow Bridge.

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Audio and Video Projects

Service currently suspended

Thank you for the many business and hobby opportunities in the past, but Rainofhearts is currently not providing video conversion services. Completed unrestricted projects are still available for copy/distribution but no new transfers involving VHS are possible at this time.

Video conversion from VHS to DVD, including full color menus and optional Direct-Print DVDr labeling. Home movies, corporate video material, any analog memory you would like to preserve and reproduce digitally forever without degradation. Clients have included Columbia Quarry Co. of Columbia, Illinois and residents of The Glenwood Supportive Living Facility of Greenville, Illinois.

Fun “for the fans” projects have included digital satellite television captures transcoded to dvd format, including full color menus and cover art. Many series extras/bonuses included in these collections: behind-the-scenes, interviews, original promo spots. Full Season Episode DVD sets of Queen of Swords (22), Noah’s Ark (6), Cold Squad (14) and Young Blades (13). These DVD sets were only created for television series unavailable for purchase from official retail sources.

Work with has involved AVI and Mpeg-2 capture of live music digital satellite television and some VHS, encoding to standard VCD/SVCD and Mpeg-4/XViD formats, and enhancing with synched digital audio tracks for promotional distribution on the web and on IRC. We followed Ryan Star (independent phenom turned Atlantic Records & Island artist) on his CBS Rockstar Supernova journey and archived his performances here.

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My Cats at the Rainbow Bridge

Gabbriella (Jul 1993—Jun 2013)

Brought home “from the mean Greenville streets” by me, sweet and loving tortoiseshell Gabbriella stuck by me consistently through my pursuits of higher education and creative writing outlets. Gabby shared in the benefits once I landed upon this web coding passion hobby-turned-business before she passed away one month shy of twenty years.

Michael (Mar 1989—Oct 2002)

A twelfth birthday gift from my parents, coal black Michael was my first kitten. She only lived thirteen years, but she was deeply loved. She could see her reflection in a mirror and loved to chew paper. Maybe that’s why I moved into creating digital content instead.

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