'Highlander: The Series--
An Evening at Joe's'

edited by Gillian Horvath
published by Berkley
ISBN 0425177491

Reviewed by
Christine I. Speakman

This book differs from other television series based books because all stories included were written by the cast and crew of the HIghlander television series. Each story takes our characters deeper into their pasts, futures, and some have even expanded televised storylines to interesting and satisfying conclusions. Out of fifteen stories I found only two I thought were merely 'okay'.

Stories not to miss:

"Letters from Viet Nam" by Jim Byrnes, who was Joe Dawson, MacLeod's Watcher. A four-page story, two letters written by Joe Dawson to his mother and sister during his tour in Viet Nam. Two very different letters for fulfilling different needs. A moving look into the past of a favourite character.

"Train from Bordeaux" by Gillian Horvath, Associate Creative Consultant. We have her to thank for bringing the idea for this book to Executive Producer Bill Panzer's attention. This is a story involving Methos' reflection on the four Horsemen. There's a weight of sadness here, something that always seemed a part of Methos.

"The Star of Athena" by Laura Brennan, Script Coordinator. Another Amanda caper, this one in Monte Carlo.

"Pants" by Donna Lettow, Associate Creative Consultant. The story is written in script format and will never allow me to watch the Olympics in the same eyes again. Brilliantly Hilarious.

"The Methos Chronicles, Part 1" by Don Anderson, Assistant Props Master. A look at the start of Methos' Immortal life.

"Postcards from Alexa" by Gillian Horvath and Donna Lettow. This is the gem of all the stories. The love story of Methos/Adam Pierson and Alexa. We follow them on their world tour, right to her dying day and like all great love stories, this one demands Kleenex.

"He Scores" by Ken Gord, Producer. A story for Canadians and all hockey fans.

"Death Shall Have No Dominion" by F. Braun McAsh, Swordmaster. Highlander and Dracula fans don't miss this one.

"A Time of Innocents" by Peter Wingfield who was Methos. Haunting.

Other stories have their own unique look at the Highlander world but all offer different insights, some will even surprise. I found each story stays true to the characters fans have come to love, and all were well written.

It's been difficult to write this review without gushing all over the place. Basically I thoroughly enjoyed this book, actually I love this book, and any fan of the television series Highlander: The Series should add this book to their shopping list.

--Christine Speakman

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