Highlander: An Evening at Joe's
by Gillian Horvath (Editor)
published September 2000

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Belly up to the bar with the cast and crew of the Highlander television series and read the stories that have remained untold until now: character histories dreamed up by the actors who played them...spin-offs of favorite episodes...plots that existed only in the producer's imagination. These all-new adventures of Duncan MacLeod and the Immortals offer a once-in-a-lifetime look inside the minds of the people who knew Highlander best--because they created Highlander...

$12.95 U.S.
$18.99 CAN

LETTERS FROM VIET NAM by Jim Byrnes ('Joe Dawson')

Sentimental and humorous. I can see Jim's foresight references to what will happen to Joe's character in his future as he writes home to his sister and mother from the war as a kid.

TRAIN FROM BORDEAUX by Gillian Horvath (Associate Creative Consultant)

I didn't really like this one. Methos is on a train thinking about the horseman after 'Revelations' is over.

THE STAR OF ATHENA by Laura Brennan (Script Coordinator)

An excellent Amanda caper. Very fun to read, written by the woman who worked on Highlander season six and then The Raven.

WORDS TO THE HIGHLANDER by Peter Hudson ('James Horton')

Man, I hate that Evil Watcher Horton! This is written from the grave...or is it? Still taunting Duncan, I can call you Duncan, can't I?

PANTS by Donna Lettow (Associate Creative Consultant)

Hilarious take on the Olympics. Gotta hand it to Methos with his Been There Done That attitude.

CONSONE'S DIARY by Anthony De Longis ('Octavio Consone')

I love this one. Very sword-technical but colorful and adventurous! The Passion, the Drama of the swordfight/training is all there. It reminds me greatly of the new series, 'Queen of Swords' of which de Longis did have a great influence on.

DOWN TOWARDS THE OUTFLOW by Roger Bellon (Composer)

Strange. Very strange. Set in the far future (yes, there are still Immortals in 900 years!) we get to experience a near-death-and-revival experience of an Immie.

THE METHOS CHRONICLES: PART 1 by Don Anderson (Assistant Props Master)

I want more more more! Part 2, Part 3, etc. This is a story of how Methos' beginnings may have come about. His growing up with his family, his first death, his teachers, the horsemen, and finally his century stay at an Eastern monastery. He explains how he learned of Immortality, Beheading, the Game, the Quickening, Holy Ground, and the Prize.

FROM THE GRAVE by Stan Kirsch ('Richie Ryan')

Man, I wanna just cry. Richie writes letters from Heaven to Mac, Joe, Amanda, Methos.

POSTCARDS FROM ALEXA by Gillian Horvath and Donna Lettow

HE SCORES! by Ken Gord (Producer)

MacLeod played professional hockey! Or did he? Is he pulling Joe's chain?

THE STAIRCASE by Valentine Pelka ('Kronos')

DEATH SHALL HAVE NO DOMINION by F. Braun McAsh (Swordmaster)

Lots and lots of words, vocabulary, complicated phrasing. And the author is NO QUESTION a Swordmaster, very detailed fight scenes. The great description and history that are along for the ride through the first part of this story are worth it when you get to the end. First Hans Kershner, the cuckolded husband from 'The Modern Prometheus', is back. Then, in Highlander present, Dawson and Methos sort out Prince Dracula's existence as a vampire/immortal.

A TIME OF INNOCENTS by Peter Wingfield ('Methos')

Man, I've read this too many times. And I have a whole page about it so go THERE.

THE OTHER SIDE OF THE MIRROR by Dennis Berry with Darla Kershner (Director)

Pretty cool take on the Highlander Show production. Looks through Adrian's eyes as he shift's between Duncan 'fantasy' and Duncan 'reality'. And Stan/Richie ends up wearing a dress!

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