"Do the Words Compulsive Obsessive
Mean Anything To You?"

"Do the words compulsive obsessive mean anything to you?"
Methos, from Indiscretions.

And of course, viewer participation is welcomed here. If you have a compulsion/obsession you'd like to see given attention here, let me know and we'll see what we can do!

Don't Point That Thing At Me!

The Beheadings

The Quickenings

Knocked Him For A Loop

All in a Name
(Meanings of the Name Methos)

Duncan MacLeod pin-up material

THE Sweater

Methos Drives

The Watcher Tattoo

I'm Not An Alcoholic...


Paging Dr. Wingfield

Don't Lose Your Head!

I found these images on the 'net.
I think all of them have come from:

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