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01/03/11 I've added some new information in the Strange Observations pages. More details and screen captures about the cars Methos drives. Thank you to Ursula who emailed me a few weeks ago to help!

I have also updated the "Rain Has Peter" video trade list. New to my tv episodes collection are Caprica Season 1 and CSI: Miami.
06/13/10 I've been consistently updating my Queen of Swords fanpage while neglecting the news here. I'm sorry. Methos has probably been busy living forever. You can currently catch him in the United States at 1am EDT weeknights on Highlander on SyFy. Peter has been busy working for Hollywood, appearing on network shows and in SyFy productions.

My Sound Waves pages were hosted at GeoCities which has ceased to exist. I probably won't be putting them back up. Some are still working on this rainofhearts.com domain and others have been deleted.

As always, I trade non-retail, fan-shared videos on DVDr for true trade or by payment for postage and materials. I will trade within North America only at this time.
For Tessie Santiago movies and television appearances, see my "Rain Has Tessie" list.
For Peter Wingfield movies and television appearances, see my "Rain Has Peter" list.
Find my True Trading "Rain Wants This" list.
06/12/09 Finally made the move with my Methos/Highlander fan pages to the same paid server as the Queen Of Swords/Peter Wingfield fan pages. Whew. When rumors of Lycos closing fly around, that springs me into action. Help me find any stray bad links, okay? Thanks. AND UPDATE YOUR BOOKSMARKS!

Also, I've been collecting more Tessie Santiago movies and television appearances. See my "Rain Has" lists for up to date Tessie and Peter materials for 'trade' on DVDr.
12/29/08 Now on rain-produced DVDr, Strange World (PW's 3 episode story arc), Cold Squad (PW's 2 episode season 3 appearance), and Noah's Ark (PW stars in 6 episode first series). Fully authored with color menus and informative printed case inserts. Email for trade or purchase and see my QoS site for more details
10/02/06 Price Reduction on the unofficial Queen of Swords DVDr collection, due to my new policy of "less fancy" packaging artwork. Same high quality dvdr's. Lower cost. You still win. If you've been holding out, now is the time to email me for details!
01/03/06 RE-LINKED the Books Pages! Updated some linked pictures, updated the Methos/Highlander Links page, updated the Rain Has This Stuff page again. Check out the Official Highlander Fan Club's coverage of the filming of The Source!
11/03/05 Updated the Peter Wingfield filmography and schedule pages. The Wing Man's set to guest on Canadian TV series The Collector in Spring 2006! Also added links to purchase DVDs of PW's work as so many tv series' are being released to retail so there is less need for tape/dvdr trading. Kudos for quality preservation. Kinda sad for the sentimentality of fans sharing the love. Check out my Rain Has This Stuff page for what is and what is not cool to trade and cool to buy.
08/11/05 If you've not realized it, the entire series of Highlander is now available on official DVD. Therefore, I am no longer offering VHS trades on Highlander episodes. BUT if you need a hard-to-find VHS/VCD copy of a Peter Wingfield TV appearance, check out the list and then drop me a line! Slowly, but surely, I'm working on re-locating the Methos Pages over to my rainofhearts.com webserver. The current layout is just so haphazard, it's tricky re-linking and checking all the navigation and formating, and now I've lost you if you're not an HTML webmaster.... It's okay. I feel lost too, usually. I'm looking into joining/affiliating myself with active Highlander webrings and Clans. If you know any good ones, drop me a line! I may be more of a lurker on my mailinglist memberships, but remember, I do watch, and I am always there.
04/29/05 Well, the distribution of unofficial Queen of Swords DVDrs has been going relatively well. It does take considerable time to complete the trades, as the technology I'm working with keeps trying its best to defeat me every step of the way. LOL. But so far, everyone who has paid for their unofficial fan copy materials and episodes has received their DVDrs successfully. YAY! I've moved the Peter Pages over to the paid webserver, but if there are any broken links, feel free to alert me. I hope to move the Methos Pages soon (yeah yeah I've been meaning to do it for almost a year).
08/24/04 The DVDr's are done. Artwork is imminent. $40.00 to reserve your 6 disc unofficial fan Queen of Swords full season set today! You'll also receive 5+ minutes of Bonus Material! If you live outside the continental U.S., you will be charged an extra fee to cover the air-mail. EMAIL ME FOR DETAILS! Shipment can begin as early as September. Hurry! Offer stands until I die or Queen of Swords is officially released in a digital format for English speaking and reading viewers.
08/13/04 Theatrical release date of Superbabies (Baby Geniuses 2) is August 27, 2004. I saw a tv spot for it last night. All I can say is it's about time! DVDs project is still in production. I have 3 master discs out of 6 done. I should put up a poll for those interested: 1) fancy artwork, or 2) give me the damn dvds!. I know if I were the one waiting, it would be choice number 2, but I don't often go half-assed through a project. There will be artwork. And it won't compromise the overall E.T.A.
07/27/04 I'm relocating the Queen Of Swords rain fan pages to a new PAID server! YAY! Now find the Rain Pierson's 'The Doctor Is In' at its new home!. Eventually this Methos/Peter site will also relocate there. And in even BETTER news, my project of converting my QoS vhs to vcd is COMPLETE! Now, I need to figure out the best way to author DVDs with navigable menus. So, email me if you've done this before or just if you'd like to order 22 VCDs or 11 DVDs (no eta on when DVDs will become available. VCDs could be made and mailed anytime without artwork) for, basically, the price of postage and the blank media. I offer this as an exclusively FAN-ORIENTED enterprise. I make little to no money off of it and spent months of work preparing it. Offical VHS is no longer available and Official DVD will most likely never be available to U.S. consumers. My intention is NOT to rip off anyone, only to spread the joy that is the Queen of Swords!!!
05/26/04 Seems that Peter will be in the new Catwoman movie this year with Halle Berry; and still more buzz about a Highlander 4 film! And, I'm not sure what this entails but he's involved in a project called "Cooking Lessons" as the editor of a cooking mag. So, I've updated the Filmography Page accordingly.
04/25/04 Highlander Season 4 released on DVD April 2004. Keep watching the Schedule for upcoming and repeating tv appearances. Updated the Rain Has list with Kingdom Hospital, Touching Evil and Andromeda eps. Added urls below in older news entries to purchase HL DVD sets from Amazon.com. I'm still transferring my Queen of Swords episodes to VCD/DVDr format. Should be done by end of summer 2004...
02/09/04 Highlander Season 3 on DVD out since November 2003. New TV and film appearances for Peter. Check the Schedule and Filmography for details about a second ep of Bliss, Andromeda, Kingdom Hospital, Touching Evil and more! Updated the Rain Has and Rain Wants lists. I'm currently transferring my Queen of Swords episodes to VCD/DVDr format. Should be done by summer 2004.
08/22/03 Um, ok, WOW. Now I update this website so few and far between that even my update notices aren't in chronological order and I couldn't begin to remedy that. LOL. I'm disappointed in myself! But, aside from a few movies in production and some VERY limited cinematic movie releases, like festivals and the like, Peter isn't up to much that we can observe. Highlander is airing on cable tv. Reruns all in order on US channel "SPIKE TV" (formerly TNN). They're in season 5 right now. Season 1 and Season 2 of Highlander are now out on DVD. But of course, Methos doesn't appear until season 3. So maybe next year we get lucky there. :)
03/29/03 New Peter TV on VHS - John Doe episode aired the 21st, more upcoming tv, check filmography
03/02/03 New Peter TV on VHS - Dead Zone episode aired tonight, more upcoming tv and movies, check filmography and schedule
09/29/02 OH MY GOODNESS! It's been sooooo long since I've updated this site. I apologize. BUT I've got new info up about Peter's appearance on PAX series Just Cause. I also HAVE Just Cause available for trade. Check my "Rain Has This" webpages. Ummm, Val Pelka's movie "What Rats Won't Do" will air on BBCAmerica the 5th of October. W00T Ummmm, Tessie Santiago's (the title girly from the Queen of Swords) new Television show on NBC sucks but I've got it on tape until The Powers That Be cancel it... Or tape it yourself every Thursday Nite!
01/19/03 OMG I can't believe I haven't really done anything to this site for 6 months! Must be because Peter hasn't been up to much in that time. Just filming movies that aren't released yet....

Trailers for X-Men 2 are popping up. Try apple.com

I've updated my Rain Wants This Stuff list to include the show 'Six Feet Under'. If you have HBO and need anything Peter, you can become my very best friend...

06/23/02 Updated the Peter's Schedule and Peter's Filmology pages
05/03/02 Updated the Rain Has This Stuff page. BLISS has arrived! Get it while the tattoo is hot!
04/11/02 Updated the Peter's TV Schedule page and Rain Has This Stuff page. I now have a box-set version of HL: FINALE episodes and the Endgame Movie as shown on Premium Cable channels. I'm still waiting for my copy of Bliss though. :o(
02/26/02 Updated the Peter's TV Schedule page. Lots of scifi show type stuffs! and a new Canadian TV Appearance on a show called "Bliss." I don't actually know much about this though.
02/10/02 Updated the Peter Wingfield TV Schedule. Check out Stargate and Endgame on SHOWTIME!! And QoS Official VHS are still available at the link below for $100 US.
11/30 HURRY to buy Official Queen VHS for X-MAS! $149.00 CDN ($99.95 USD)
11/08 Updated Peter Schedule and Rain's Have List!
10/18 Wow, I don't update as often as I'd like, do I? I want to get some new "Strange Observations" up but time prevents me right now. I DO have an updated Peter TV Schedule for y'all though!! Don't miss his two NETWORK SUNDAY NIGHT FAMILY MOVIES coming Oct 28 and Nov 10!!!!!! And why is no one signing my Guestbook anymore? Aren't I nice? I'd hoped I was at least a little nice. :o)
09/26 Updated the Peter Schedule, Peter Filmography, and Rain's Have List!
08/30 I've created a new page from my Rain Has This Stuff to include Tessie Santiago and Valentine Pelka TV/movie appearances!!
08/28 Updated Peter Schedule, Peter Filmography, Rain's Want List, and Rain's Have List!
08/22 I just got back from a week and a half vacation! All the way to New York for a wedding! I've updated the Peter On TV Schedule. And I hope to have some more WAVs or fanfic or something before I go back to college in September.
08/01 Added a cool link, The Jonathan Firth Web Pages. Jon played Byron in The Modern Prometheus.
07/25 Updated Peter Wingfield Filmography and Linkz pages. Looks like our main man is finally gonna be on the big screen again!!! And I've fixed many broken links and pictures in the Sound WAVs section. Sorry about the inconvience, but no one has emailed me to TELL ME there were problems.
07/05 Fixed the link to the Methos Chronicles Flash Animations. The hosting site has moved to iFilms.com and so NOW you can find the 8 total flash episodes to watch.
07/03 Added QoS candid pics of both Tessie Santiago and Anthony Lemke on the Queen of Swords fansite.
07/02 I've put up 2 new banners that webmasters can link to my Queen of Swords site with. You can find them on the QoS Linkz page. I've also added a few new links to the QoS linkz page itself.
06/29 Updated the Linkz pages in Methos Links and QoS Links. I've also Updated the Queen of Swords Episode Page to include the repeat schedule through September.
06/27 The Queen of Swords site is up and running again. I've had some casualties in the Magazine Articles and Reviews section, so if you know of any that I don't have listed PLEASE PLEASE email me! Soon I will be moving the Sound WAVs over to Angelfire from GeoCities. So if they suddenly are not available at their GeoCities URLs, I will be right on top of that problem as soon as I am able.
06/15 Okay, I just lost the Queen of Swords page at Geocities now. Great! Just great! I'll probably have everything switched over here to Angelfire sometime next week. This is ridiculous. But I'm dealing. :)
06/12/01 I hate Geocities. Don't ask me why I still have my Queen of Swords site there. Guess it just seems too involved and irritating to move it somewhere else right now. But THIS site is being rebuilt here. Hopefully quickly and without many problems. If anyone comes across a broken link PLEASE EMAIL ME!

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