I purchased this book Sunday, August 13, 2000 at Borders Bookstore. For several visits to that store it wasn't in stock and I almost freaked out, but they had three on the shelf THIS time. My sanity is saved.

Now I just have to find the time to read it. I want to finish my current series of books first so I can concentrate all my thoughts on Methos in Ancient Egypt....


Okay, I've read it. Once. The present with Methos and Duncan is in character, but the BIG HUGE flashbacks I'm not sure about. He just acts like Modern Methos zapped back in time. I think the timeframe is just before he goes Horseman crazy. Shouldn't he be exhibiting signs that he might be interested in joining people such as Kronos? He's not in this book.

It is a nice story though if you ignore that. A couple of love scenes that if they were in a movie they might be done in shadows against sheer curtains. That's how sweet they are described. The battle scenes are lame but since I don't like battles I don't mind!

I like how the author wrote the Modern Times serial killer sections. In his frame of mind and all.

I've only read the book once. So when I read it again, I'll write more here and use more specific examples and themes such like my 'A Time Of Innocents' page for Peter Wingfield's story published in 'An Evening at Joe's'.

for more, go check out Adam Methos' page about the book.

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