"...just nursing this ghost of a chance
the fiction, the romance
and the Technicolor dreams
of black and white people."

-- Black and White People, Matchbox Twenty --

"Methos Smells Like...."
A poem....a single stanza....short and sweet

"A Vengeful Affair"
One afternoon, I just couldn't go on until I wrote SOMETHING about him.

"Nearly Safe From You"
Adam encounters a mysterious and dangerous young woman.

"One More Dance"
Alexa and Methos have made it all the way to Geneva. And we know what happens in Geneva, don't we?

"Landon's Diary"
Immortal girl, Landon tells us how it is in her protected neck of the woods. This is an ongoing series as part of a RPG mailing list for Immortals and Vampires.
UPDATED JUNE 6, 2001!!

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