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This is my list of things I already have on NTSC VHS/DVD. I can use them to trade you for items on my Want List, or you can pay me for materials and postage to get a copy. When inquiring, please state what shows you are interested in, what you can offer me in trade, the country you live in, and what speed SP or EP/SLP you would want your copy. VCD and XViD videos are usually on CDr/DVDr data discs you can watch on your computer or on many stand alone DVD players (please inquire as video formats vary). This will speed up any transactions between us. For the record, I prefer (taping for you and getting from you) SP speed and I live in the United States. Thanks.

I have taped everything myself unless noted. Email Rain today to ask about or order any of these available episodes and films.

Tessie Santiago Appearances


Angel Camouflaged - 113min Movie (2010) - In this rock drama, "A rock star sensation flees her growing musical fame and buys a special bar." The film stars the rock and roll sensation from South Africa that lit up the screen on Rockstar Supernova, Dilana. Tessie Santiago plays a character named Desdemona. I have a DVDRip in .avi XVID format (1.36GB).

The Wishing Well - Hallmark Movie (2010) - In this film, "A wishing well magically gives a celebrity journalist a new life in a small town." Tessie plays a character named Rachel. Digitally recorded from satellite television and encoded by me to .avi XVID format (578MB).

The Way Back Home - Independent Movie (2006) - In this "life affirming spiritual drama about love and loss set in the lush surroundings of Central Florida," Tessie portrays a character called Sarah Marshall. Digitally recorded from satellite television (a 'low rent' Christian cable network) and encoded by me to .avi XVID format (578MB).

One Hot Summer - Lifetime Original Movie (2009) - This movie stars Vanessa Marcil (of 90210, General Hospital and Las Vegas fame). Tessie is in a supporting cast role playing Vanessa's character's bff, Anabel Aguilera. Digitally recorded from satellite television and encoded by me to .avi XVID format (612MB). I also have a DVDRip in .avi XVID format (697 MB).

One On One (2006) - Season 5, Episode 21-22, "I Love L.A." Tessie played Hannah on this TeenNick channel sit-com. Cristián de la Fuente also guest stars in the episode. I digitally recorded and encoded this show myself and I have this in .avi XVID format (323MB).

Mind Of Mencia (2006) - Season 2, Episode 6, "The Serranos." Tessie is supposed to be in this episode playing a character named Carmelita, but I can't find her. I have this in .avi XVID format (174MB).

The Cell 2 - 94min direct-to-video feature (2009) - Sci-fi/Thriller spin-off from the 2000 film The Cell. Tessie's character is the beautiful and gifted heroine of the movie. I have this in .avi XVID format (701MB).

Break-In - Lifetime Original Movie (2006) - Tessie plays one of a group of vacationers who are taken hostage.
I have this on DVDr Region 0 (capped and encoded from Lifetime in 2006 by ME!!!). Also available in .avi XVID format (488MB).

Kitchen Confidential (2005) - FOX weekly half hour sit-com, funny and smart with a great ensemble cast of actors you've most likely seen on many other great canceled shows (like Nicholas Brendon from Buffy The Vampire Slayer; Bradley Cooper from Jack & Bobby and Touching Evil; Jamie/James King a bonafied movie starlett; John Cho from the movie Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle). Tessie plays a waitress with witty, yet far-between lines. I've got every ep (1-14) in .avi XVID format. She does not appear in every episode though.

Curb Your Enthusiasm (2004) - Season 4, Episode 10, "Opening Night". Tessie played a chambermaid. I have this in .avi XVID format (597MB).

Good Morning, Miami (2002) - NBC weekly half hour sit-com, funny show but Tessie's part (co-anchor on a flailing tv morning show) in it got cut after a few episodes. I have most of season one's 21 episodes on VHS in EP/SLP speed (It's recently come to my attention that I am missing episode 11, 'Hi, My Name Is Jake'. And episode 5, 'It Didn't Happen One Night', never aired.). It's a cute show. But season two took it in a different direction and it flopped.

2001 ALMA awards Tessie Santiago footage (she co-presented an award but she lost another to Gina Torres of Cleopatra 2525 in the category: "Lead Actress In A Syndicated Drama Series")

E! Behind the Scenes of the 2001 ALMA awards more Tessie stuff
** all the ALMA stuff is less than 5 minutes **

The Way She Moves - VH1 Original Movie (2001) - "A modern love story set in the world of Salsa dancing." Tessie plays Cristina. I recorded and encoded this movie myself from VH1 in 2005. It is available on VHS and DVDr Region 0, and I also have this in .avi XVID format (508MB).

Valentine Pelka Appearances

Highlander Episodes - 49 min ea.
(traded for these)

"Comes a Horseman"
"Revelation 6:8"
"Not To Be"
(I now have HL on retail DVD, so you can buy it too, wiseguy)
Amazon.com Highlander The Series - Season 5
Amazon.com Highlander The Series - Season 6

Highlander: The Raven - 45 min ea.
"Matter of Time"
"French Connection"
(HL The Raven is now available on retail DVD)
Amazon.com Highlander - The Raven

First Knight movie (bought it on VHS back when I drooled over Gere)
Amazon.com First Knight (1995) DVD

What Rats Won't Do movie (taped from BBCAmerica)

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