Methos/Peter Wingfield Winamp Skins

Finally, something great to look at while you play those beautiful wav files and/or MP3s!!

I made each and every one of these MYSELF from pictures I found on the 'net. Some are screen captures, some are promo photos.

You will need a MP3 Audio Player. Please DO NOT Unzip the files once downloaded! Just save them to your winamp skins folder. I promise you: if you know what you're doing, they WORK.

Another note: These skins are for older versions of WinAmp Media Players. Compatability varies.

Highlander 4: Endgame Trailer 2

Highlander 4: Endgame Trailer 1

Endgame, Connor MacLeod

Endgame, Duncan MacLeod

Peter's Autograph

Man Who Used To Be Me

Peter 1
(In Shadow and Light)

Peter 6
(You Live To Serve Me)

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