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Highlander The Series Title-Find 1

Highlander The Series Title-Find 2

The "Wingfield Curse"

6 Degrees of Peter Wingfield

Here are some links to pages I've FOUND:

Methos Greeting Cards from Bravenet and 'Adam's Apartment'

The MacMINT Asylum, not taking new patients but very enjoyable to visit

Send a Peter Wingfield Celebrity Postcard

The Infamous Methos-Cassandra Cartoons by Leah Rosenthal

Another Leah Rosenthal Cartoon 'Beatings, Brother'

An Endgame Cartoon by Leah Rosenthal lives here

Leah's Other Cartoon Page

Highlander is Really Star Wars - Let The Wookie Win (there can be only one)

Seacouver Street - A slightly different perspective on the Comes a Horseman/Revelation story

Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road - Methos Style

Recycled Canadian Actors Page (no Peter, but MANY Highlander characters

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