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Links Updated in June 2009. I think all of the images have come from:
Cyn's Methos, Ancient Immortal
Methos Boxer Brigade
methosluvr's Methos Page
Mostly Methos Image Gallery
The Generic Highlander Page
Celedon's Chambers
Camp of Horseman Death
Pookkah's Highlander Page
Rysher Highlander the Series homepage
Noah's Ark
Jen's Methos Obsession
Adam's Apartment

Screen Time and Air Date refer to the American versions, not the Euros.

Season One
[Methos] [Finale]

Season Four
[Chivalry] [Timeless] [Deliverance] [Methuselah's Gift] [Through A Glass Darkly] [Til Death] [Judgement Day]

Season Five
[One Minute To Midnight] [The Messenger] [The Valkyrie] [Comes A Horseman] [Revelation 6:8] [Forgive Us Our Trespasses] [The Modern Prometheus] [Archangel]

Season Six
[Indiscretions] [To Be] [Not To Be]

Rain Pierson's Noah's Ark Images Page

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