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I've hugged a cat today! Have you??

Celeste There are hundreds of cute, loyal, homeless, adoptable animals at local shelters near you. They need your help, your love, your donations of time and money and especially your "forever home". Make sure your family swings by and meets-to-adopt that cat, dog, bird, ferret, rabbit, goat, gerbil or reptile that your heart and soul have been craving.

Pet Adoption

Home Cat Companions

Honor Celeste
Born September 2012 and Adopted December 2014

Delia Nelle
Born April 2012 and Adopted August 2013

Gabbriella {aleha ha-shalom}
July 1993 - June 2013

Michael (aleha ha-shalom)
March 1989 - October 2002
Michael Michael

Shelter Cats

born February 2009

The video below was recorded during the time Boots was home fostered: November 10 - 27, 2009

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